mt-g medical translation GmbH 


Я хочу тут работать

mt-g medical translation GmbH 

mt-g medical translation is Europe’s leading provider of medical and pharmaceutical translations – covering 46 different

languages and 560 language pairs. Approx. 1,000 qualified native-speaker translators and experts with the appropriate

medical and linguistic training and over 50 project managers are our company’s core asset.

With their attention firmly focussed on the exacting demands of their customers and on their clear goal of delivering only the best in terms of quality, they form an unbeatable team. Using the very latest in translation technologies, we work to efficient processes with measurable cost and time benefits. 75% of the world’s top 100 medical and pharmaceutical

companies already benefit from mt-g’s translation expertise. The company’s headquarters is in Ulm. The area around Ulm is Germany’s second most prominent in terms of pharmaceutical companies, which gives mt-g ideal conditions for innovation and growth.

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